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Nebraska Spirit of 56ers

Club Background

Club Background
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History of Our Club
The Collector's Club, now known as the Nebraska Spirit of 56ers began in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Tuesday, March 14, 1995.  That first meeting took place at Barb's Hallmark Store located at 66th & O Streets.  A total of 40 persons were present at this organizational meeting to express interests in forming a club that was centered around the villages and accessories produced by Department 56. 
A second meeting, on April 25, 1995, officers for the newly-formed club were elected.  This meeting, held at Barb's Hallmark at 48th & Leighton, also focused on topics such at by-laws of the constitution and membership dues.  It was decided that yearly dues would be $15 for single membership, and $20 for couples.  At this time, no name or logo for the club had yet been chosen, and the selection of those was deferred to the next meeting.

Easter Display

Fall Display


Today, the club is still strong with many members.  The Nebraska Spirit of 56ers celebrated the Tenth Anniversary of their beginnings in April, 2005.
Our Club Officers
President: Alyce B.
Vice Presidents: Donna J.
Secretary: Judy B.
Treasurer: Gene F.
Newsletter: Joe S.
Charter Members
Who Are Still Active
Chuck & Belva A.
Alyce B.
Mary & Bob B.
Nancy E.
Barb G.
Donna & Jim J.
Harold & Karen K.
Adelaide & Harland L.
    & Brenda
Joseph S.
Joan S.
Faith W.
Wilma W.

1995 - 13 Year Anniversary - 2008