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Nebraska Spirit of 56ers

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To submit your information for the bulliten board, please email Frank at with a subject line of Dept. 56 Postings.

News & Announcments:  The Nebraska Spirit of 56ers would like to offer news and announcements about members, and also to let members communicate with each other. 
Classified Ads:  We might post classified ads from our members in this area.  Have any special Dept. 56 pieces you want to buy, sell or swap.  We will post it here!  NOTE: All postings listed are done so as a convenience to the buyer and seller.  The Nebraska Spirit of 56ers is not liable for any transactions as a result of listings in the classified section.

News & Announcements

Feb. 2007 Newsletter (pp 1 & 2)

Feb. 2007 Newsletter (pp 3 & 4)

Classified Ads

Sell Your Dept. 56 Items Here!


1995 - 13 Year Anniversary - 2008